Category: Projects

Residential complex – Vitosha Village

Hotels with apartments for public use

Vitosha region – Malinova (raspberry) Valley – area Bunker

Railroad “Raduntsi-Dabovo”

Emergency safety of earth-rock slopes, recovery of drainages, as well as the renovation of the superstructure of railroad “Raduntsi-Dabovo” from the 218th km + 800 up to the 219th km + 700

Residential Building – Ohrid Street


District Zone B17, Slatina region, in the Sofia Community

Ohrid Street№ 45-47

Contract: 25.02.2008

5 and 6 storey -residential building, equipped with shops, a restaurant, workshops, underground and above-ground garages and external plumbing connections

Residential building – district Razsadnika


Distrikt “Razsadnika”, region Ilinden

Residential building, eqiped with offices, stores and underground garages

City of Bansko, Stragite District

Residential area(complex) for community/public services

Courthouse in the town of Svoge

Design and construction of the courthouse in the town of Svoge

11, Tsar Simeon str., Svoge

Contract: 10.07.2006

Construction Supervision: “3 B Consult” LTD

Contracting Authority:

Supreme Administrative Court

Upgrading and reconstruction of the roof space and furnishing of offices in the building of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria

18, Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd., Sofia

Contract: 28.02.2008