About us

Ultrastroy Ltd. represents a new generation of companies in the construction industry, with main activity – research, design and construction of residential and administrative buildings.
The company was established in 1999 to realize the dream of a team of young people who have their own views on doing business and an ambition to make their mark over time through the sites built by them.

Ultrastroy Ltd. employs highly qualified managers, assistants and specialists, forming the company’s management team and operating staff. A guiding principle is to attract, develop and maintain an outstanding staff, believing that every employee is a resource that must be continuously developed. The symbiosis of the expertise of the experienced builders and the huge zeal of the young ones makes our team very productive.
The approach introduced in the company aimed at activities on creating, interacting, documenting, monitoring the compliance of the processes, managing and implementing the products offered ensures the achievement of a consistently good quality of coordination and communication between different departments.
Following the staff, the reputation of Ultrastroy Ltd. is the most valuable asset, which we rely on.
Good work, prompt execution of projects, fair treatment of partners and customers are the key elements by which we strive to maintain a flawless reputation in the construction industry.
In Ultrastroy Ltd., business is carried out in a way that earns the respect of our partners because the creation of lasting relationships based on honesty and trust is a priority.

With hard work and dedication, we have reached our dream and gained confidence in our strengths and capabilities, and felt a strong sense of satisfaction from a job well done. Our desire is life in the future to continue this way for thousands of challenges and new heights to conquer because everything we do we do it to remain after us and wear our logo with pride.